Why get involved in my challenge?...

Welcome to the new year. We have all been here before! So this year I decided to change a few things one of which was get out of my comfort zone and organise an even. One that allows everyone to benefit, not just me.

I want to run or walk 5,000 miles over the year. This will be a team event. we all commit to a mileage ie 3 miles (5k) is 150 miles (241k) based on 50 weeks. Why bother? Well this is about you setting a goal and me and others helping to motivate you throughout the year. The other benefit will be to give back to a small local charity called Stem4. My aim to raise 50p per mile either through sponsorship or donations.

To make this event work I have to do a blog reach people out of my area and comfort zone. To know why I want to do this please go to my charity checkout page

Interested its not too late as every mile helps. Click on the event and get more details or email me at

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